Palm Reading

Palm reading is a way of seeing a person's fate and personality by reading the lines, shapes, and color of a person's palms (and fingers). The Lines on your palm are unique to you, they hold vital information about your destiny including - your wealth, love live, wisdom and health. By navigating the lines on your palm I am able to put into sentences the information scientifically held in the palm of your hand.

A palm reading can help you to unock questions and answers in your lives, figure out your life purpose amongst many otjer things. By understanding these strengths and weakness you are ablt to make informed decisions to help you reach the highest version of you destined self.

Meet Wayan

Wayan learned the ancient widom of tranditional Balinese astrology step by step over the years, as he was always connected and had an interest for spiritual healing. Since he was a child, he read many old scripts and Lontar books.

Sharing his knowledge reading palms conbined with numerology and feeling people's vibration Wayan will share his insights to you.

The Balinese horoscope and astrology system is based on a complex Balinese calendar.

Your birthday will be converted and he will tell you what kind of influences, karmic strnegth and wealnesses are relatod to your specific birthday

The information he shares will not change you. You have (if you want) to do your own part, but it will help you to focus on what need to be worked on.

You can grow and develop, there is always potential to transform yourself. The session with Wayan can be up to one hour long and will be in person and private.


"Today is a special day, and I am happy the I booked a palm reading. You told me thing I needed to hear, and now I can start to think about what I need to do, Thank you for everything. I know I will have more questions, but you even said I can Whatsapp you if I needed more help. Lots of love to you Wayan." _ Claire

"Amazing, very well and accurate information, we never met before but Wayan could tell me things from the past and I will tell people to come here to do a palm reading. Many blessings to you and your family Wayan." _ Mark

"First time getting a palm reading. Wayan was very helpful and not intimidating. Readings were quite accurate. It was a very informative session." _ Sofia

"I happened to meet a progessional and very experienced palmist. Wayan told everything as it is (pas, present, furute)Thnank you for signs, help and hints that you have givern me! I am infinitely grateful to you that you were able to read my hand and enlighten me. I didn't expect such accuracy! Thank you Wayan all the best to you!" _ Aidana

"Thank you for the palm reading. It's been interesting to know you could read the past so close to what happended. Thank you for advices and solutions" _ Elaine

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Book Your Session

You can book your session with us physically in Bali during your sta in Indonesia but you can also book virtual session.

Please note that for the virtual session we are available only from 8am to 4pm Indonesia UTC+8.